Be wary if someone suggests you…

  • Pay fees outside of escrow
  • Not consult with other real estate professionals
  • Sign documents without having time to read and understand
  • Pay up-front fees for foreclosure, short sale or loan modification assistance
  • Not contact your lender
  • Make payments to someone other than your lender
  • Stop making payments to your lender

Be cautious if someone says…

  • I don’t need a license to help you
  • I don’t have my business cards with me
  • I guarantee or promise a positive outcome
  • I don’t have a business office or actual business address
  • I’m unable to meet with you in person

REMEMBER, If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

A scammer’s job is to win your trust so you lower your guard. Do not put your trust in an unlicensed person!

Check the reputation and license status of people and businesses:

  • Obtain the license number and verify the status
  • Google the individual’s name
  • Google the business name

Do not be intimidated…you are the consumer, which means YOU are the boss! Do not cut corners…take the time to educate yourself about legitimate real estate practices from these free local resources:

Be wary of internet only real estate services. Not having an actual office or a person to talk to is a red flag. Do not sign ANYTHING you don’t understand. Ask questions…and get answers you are satisfied with!

Scams can be highly complex, and con artists use the complexity to “seal the deal” by making you feel as if you NEED them to guide you through the details. If is feels shady or uncomfortable, listen to your gut and report it!

If you think you have been a victim of fraud or approached by a scammer, take action!

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